Trust and the Giant Leap

Trust In The LordTrust is a hard thing to do. It means leaving everything in someone else’s hands and letting it go. Look at it from a child’s perspective. How many times have you seen a child high up on top of something or the edge of a pool and willing to jump into a parent’s open arms? My son did that quite often when he was younger. He trusted me and I never let him down. Did I let him go under a bit when he jumped into the pool? Yes, I purposely did because he needed to learn to put his head underneath the water. Has he gotten bumps and bruises along the way? Absolutely, because he needed to learn that those bruises and even some scars show that he’s living life actively and not passively standing by watching from the sidelines. Ultimately, he knows I love him and I would not let anything harmful happen to him.

That’s what God asks from us. Trust Him like that of a young child, without reservation, without fear. We are to be that child jumping off into our Father’s open arms giving Him the chance and opportunity to take care of us. We are sure to get bumps and bruises along the way, but they come from learning experiences that are necessary for us to grow into the individuals that God has meant us to be. Those scars, they are life lessons that are visibly there as reminders of what God has brought us through. We are to use those experiences to help others through similar situations.

Too often it’s a struggle to trust God completely because we feel that we actively “need” to do something, to take matters into our own hands. I know, it’s something I do all too often. I pray and give it to God and then I go and try to do something to fix and correct the situation on my own. This action can take many forms, maybe it’s a quick email response to someone without thinking and praying first, sometimes it’s manipulating a situation so it works out the way I wanted. When we choose to do things on our own terms, in essence we’re saying to God that we don’t trust Him enough to take care of the situation. Maybe we’re afraid that he won’t take care of it in the manner we want. I know that’s one of my struggles sometimes. I want things to work a certain way and to be in control of the situation, but sometimes that’s just impossible. It’s these times that we need to rely and trust in God the most. It’s a mindset that we have to learn, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Daily I pray…. and pray, and still I struggle.

Some situations are completely out of our control and there is absolutely nothing that we can do to attempt to change things. Because of some of these recent situations that I’m going through, it has forced me to trust God. I don’t have any other choice. So, I am learning to trust God in all things. I pray daily that His will is done in my life and that I accept it acknowledging that I can only see the here and now and not the future.

So what you’re facing now might seem like a tough and horrendous situation, however, it might be exactly what you need to go through in order to reach the mountain peak that God has in store for you. We each need to trust that He knows what’s best for us, and pray that He guides us down the roads that he wants us to travel.

He’s pushing us to draw closer to Him… I’m trusting God, and taking the giant leap into His arms. Join me!