Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better

Mountains & ValleysA few years ago I hurt my back. I was moving furniture and carrying things by myself that I had no business doing, but I needed to get it done and so, I just went ahead and foolishly did everything on my own. I didn’t even realize that I hurt myself until days later. It was more of an ache that had started, the problem was the ache never went away, in fact, I had the ache for about three and a half years.

I tried doing several things to alleviate my back pain, but everything was only temporary relief. At this point I could only stand a few minutes at a time without feeling the pain and the need to bend over, stretching my back, which would help some. I could only walk Milo part way around the community pond and once again would have to resort to the bending over stretches. I also tried going to a chiropractor, that helped some, but again, it was only temporary and cost a small fortune.

For three and a half years I just put up with this chronic pain. I prayed about it of course, daily, but still I had the pain. Then it happened one day. I bent over to put the harness and leash on Milo and the pain was so excruciating that I almost fell over, got sick and passed out all at once. I could hardly move and when I did I had sharp pains the likes I have never experienced before and hopefully never again will. I managed to walk Milo to the end of the walkway, not far at all, and realized I couldn’t do it (the nauseating feeling coming on very strongly), I feared going out and not being able to get back home. So, Milo and I slowly went back inside, thank goodness for the doggy door. I managed to plop myself on the couch, literally, but nothing and no position was remotely comfortable. I texted in to work, knowing I needed to get to the doctor in hopes of ever feeling better.

The doctor gave me pain medicine, which I was hesitant to take, but did for a day and a half, and muscle relaxers which I took every other day for about four days. The prescriptions were for more dosage than what I took, but these kinds of medicines always concern me, so I took as little as possible.

It’s been just over two months now and my back has been perfectly fine. However, if my back didn’t get to the point of the excruciating pain I was in, I would have continued going though day by day with the chronic pain that I had for those few years.

So, it’s true, sometimes things have to get much worse before they can get better. We, of course don’t want to hear this, but none the less, it’s true. It’s back to trusting in God. It’s interesting to look back upon something and months later finally realize the lesson you were supposed to learn. Life is full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys. We will never truly understand the beauty of the mountain top without trudging through the depths of the valleys in our lives. The climb is more often than not, very rocky and cumbersome, it certainly is not an easy climb like we would hope.

Valleys take on many forms, for me it’s been a hurt back, the loss of a job and contempt of court charges against me. However, I’m putting my trust in God to see me through. He’s taken care of my back and he’s moved me into a new company that I otherwise would not have been looking to do, and I trust Him to take care of the rest as well.

Without the valleys we might think that we can do everything on our own instead of trusting and relying on God. The valleys take the control out of our hands and place them in such a way that we are pulled and drawn to God to help in our situations and circumstances.

My prayer is that His will is done in my life, no matter what that is, because I don’t want to be outside of it on my own.

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