Easter Sunday vs. Resurrection Sunday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is the most meaningful day throughout the entire year for a true Christian. It’s the culmination of Christ taking on each of our sins, going to Hell and conquering death and rising from the grave for undeserving sinners, so that we can have life. Today is the day of Christ’s resurrection… to fathom how great His love is for us that He would endure such pain and suffering and even worse, to be separated from Father for a time, all for our sake, is unimaginable. How truly loved we are!

It’s a day to reflect and be thankful. But earlier in the week I was curious where the term Easter came from. The Bible clearly speaks of The Passover, but no where is Easter mentioned. So, I researched it a bit. I did find one translation of the Bible where it mentions Easter, however I also found other writings that said it was unfortunate that it was translated incorrectly. The Greek word pascha is translated in all the other versions I looked up as Passover and not Easter.

It turns out that Easter is not from a Christian origin, but it’s a pagan holiday celebrating spring and the renewal of life. It’s named for a goddess that dates back to the Babylonian times. There’s actually a lot of information on the subject but I’m not going to go into the details. God was specific with the Israelites when they were conquering the lands that they would come to inhabit, He wanted everything wiped out and destroyed that had to do with pagan practices because  He didn’t want them to succumb to their rituals.

So, I went to Easter service this morning at my church and I wish it wasn’t called Easter anymore. I’m not sure why “Christian” churches go along and are conforming. Just because everyone else does? I think we should define it for what it truly is. It’s Resurrection Sunday, the day Christ rose from the grave and conquered death. Just like I will not take Christ out of Christmas, I will wish you all a Happy Resurrection Sunday, for Christ is Risen! And, I will celebrate and be thankful, not just today, but each and every day because I am forgiven.

God Bless.