Second Thoughts, Doubts & Faith

FeedYourFaithI’m tired. I go through the motions of each day, to find myself at the next starting all over again. I work two jobs, try to be a good parent (feel as though I’m not) and attempt to manage this project that I thought, but know, came from God. But then I doubt and wonder… Did it really come from God, or is it just my crazy analytical mind constantly at work again? I’m tired, did I already say that? I don’t always feel like doing what I’m supposed to. Hmmm, well, that came out of no where, as I chuckle to myself realizing, how can I get on my son’s case for having the same feelings? Ugh! The endless circles.

Why is it such a struggle to actually listen to God and believe what He says? We’ve heard His voice. We’ve listened to messages that were confirmation. We’ve woken up to songs that have said stop running. AND, we’ve come across the verses at just the right moment that speak specifically to our needs and thoughts. In the same thought of doubt comes the quiet voice of reason that speaks, “why do you doubt when you know what was told to you?” So why does the cycle of doubt come back around?

Doubt is “a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.” It first reared its ugly head in the Garden of Eden, when Satan, the serpent and father of lies, tempted Eve in Genesis 3. Satan introduced doubt into Eve’s mind because he wanted her to lack confidence in God’s command, to not eat the forbidden fruit. Satan did this by causing her to question the very words and instructions that God Himself gave her. Satan, obviously, is very clever and is not to be trusted. He will take advantage of our weaknesses and vulnerabilities every chance he gets.

We are accountable for our doubts and beliefs. We have to recognize when they come from within ourselves and when they come from Satan. Sometimes our doubts come directly from Satan because he doesn’t want us to follow through on a directive from God. It will hinder his progress. Other times our doubts come from within ourselves because of our unbelief in the word that God has given us.

Faith is the answer to doubt, by definition it is complete trust and confidence. So, how do you get to the point of absolute faith? The only way is by building a real relationship with Christ. It’s daily walking and living with Him. It’s not easy and sometimes it seems like a burden and a struggle because of our rushed, no time for anything, busy lifestyles, but it’s a necessity. God gave us His Word so that we could learn, understand and grow in Him. It’s important to take time to spend with God in both prayer and His Word.

If you had a friend who never bothered calling you or messaging you except when they needed you for something, would you still consider them a friend? Probably not… then why do we treat the most important relationship we could ever have in the same way?

Have a real conversation with Christ today and throughout every day, you will never regret the decision.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

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