Step Beyond Fear and Do Something!

ducksFor two straight days I saw animals die. First, one night on my way home someone in front of me hit a bird and as I had to drive right past I could see  its anguish first hand. It wasn’t a good feeling. That night I was watching a tv show with my son and the dog was sick and they had to put her down. The very next morning as I pulled out of my driveway there was one of the precious ducks that I see everyday while walking Milo around the ponds. It was hit in the middle of the road and left, more than likely it didn’t move out of the way of the garbage truck fast enough.

The duck was the final straw that pushed me into the tender feelings of my heart and the visual that I couldn’t get rid of my entire commute to work. It was sad seeing that, not only that, but later I saw the mate in the same area crying out and looking around. Heart wrenching is a good term for it.

It caused me to ask the question, “God why did you show these things to me, especially when you knew how much it would bother me?”

The answer came quickly. “Think about how much pain seeing those animals die has caused you to feel… Now see through my eyes. How much more are you worth to me than those? You were made in my image. How much more is each person that doesn’t know me worth?”

I finally understand… time is of the essence. We need to do what we can and not put it off. Our days are numbered and are short, we need to take every opportunity that comes across to us and step through each open door. We may be the only one that ever tells someone that Jesus loves them and died for them.

It’s time to push ourselves beyond our own fear and care more about what Jesus thinks of us than those around us. It’s time to step up, out of our comfy cozy shells and “Do Something!”