To be a Dad it takes…

father-loveThank you for being a wonderful Dad. Not everyone can say that to their father and it’s true what they say, that not every father truly is a Dad. It takes more than just fathering a child to be a Dad.

It takes quality time… I remember when I was very young, just sitting on your lap and you hugging and holding me. I remember you taking the time to rebound for me in our backyard, when there was nothing in it for you. I remember the New York Giant football games (win and lose), the hot chocolate, hotdogs and soft pretzels.

It takes sacrifice… I remember your retirement when I was a senior in high school and how you took on a different job because I was going to college. I remember the money you would spend on my basketball camps, and I remember the 3 hour drive you took to get me there. I remember playing basketball throughout high school and college and you going to my games, no matter where it was, even when it was hours away on the other side of the state and your spending the night when it was a tournament.

It takes strength & leadership… I remember when I was in high school and you felt I was mistreated by my coach, and you confronted him for me, I knew you would protect me and stand up for me. I remember watching you do the dishes so mom didn’t have to. I remember you sitting at the table paying the bills. I remember watching you apologize even though there were times you weren’t at fault.

It takes encouragement and love… I remember how you always encouraged and believed in me. I remember your quiet advice and I remember you saying that you’re proud of me. And I’ll always remember how much and how often you told me that you loved me.

I have learned a lot and pray that I become the parent that you have been. Thank you for being a great example and a wonderful Dad, God has truly blessed me.

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