Look Who’s Watching

beagle_chocolateLabWe are always being watched by those around us; our friends, our families, our co-workers. What kind of example are we showing? I’m reminded of this as I think back when Milo was a puppy… if he is influenced by those around him, how much more are our children? He was so young and little… a male beagle and as all puppies do from the beginning, he “peed like a girl.”

I remember being out in the back of our townhouse when the neighbor came out with his much more mature chocolate lab. He was a big guy to say the least, weighing over 100 pounds easily… and Milo was in awe. Milo ran up to him and then ran away, but kept a close eye on him.

Then it happened… the chocolate lab peed like a real man “by lifting his leg up on the tree.” Milo watched the entire process… I was amazed as I watched him find a much smaller tree, and to my astonishment, lift his leg up to pee on it. Well, he wasn’t exactly successful his first attempt, or the second, as he fell over both times, but he got up again and finally got the hang of it.

So, if a puppy can be influenced by what he sees, how much more can our children be influenced by what they see? father__daughter

We need to keep the doors of communication open and remember to be a good example at all times. When we fail, which will happen, we have to be quick to own up to our mistakes and ask for forgiveness… they need to learn from us.

Lord only knows what they’ll learn from the outside world. That’s why it’s so important that we take the small learning and teaching moments as they come, because we don’t know when another opportunity may arise. Don’t pass them up for a later time, we don’t know when we’ve had our last chance.