The Gift of Living Water

Living waterLike the woman from the well you want this living water, however, you’re trying to obtain it on your own by attempting to reach the bottom of your own well and not mine. You can’t get My living water yourself it’s a gift and all you have to do is ask Me for it. Your own well is meant to run dry… you can’t do this life on your own but only with My help. You need My Spirit, My Living Water running through you. It’s through Me that you can learn My ways and understand My purpose and plans for you. Life was never meant for you alone but for you and I together… for My Glory. Look to Me and call upon My Name, Jesus, and I will be the one who sustains your life, I am the giver of living water and the gift of My Spirit is yours for the asking.

John 4:11 – “… the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?”