The Shreds of Who We Are

ToiletPaperRollAs I reflect back on today, I am reminded how our lives are like a roll of toilet paper. Not just any toilet paper roll, but a roll that’s been swiped by Milo… this roll is beat up, torn up, squashed, shredding and basically for all intents and purposes looks as though it has lost its usefulness; that it’s not worth saving and it no longer has any purpose. Well, these toilet paper rolls (notice it’s not just one) get swapped out with the ones in my bathroom, because Seth has given up on them and doesn’t want to deal with the mess.

Looking at the roll of toilet paper I have to smirk and shake my head… because I am like this mess of paper.

It’s a complete wreck, much like I am a good part of the time… I’m not all put together, I’m broken and falling apart, but yet God can pick up the pieces, stick them together and make me useful again… making me whole.

We still have purpose and usefulness even though we sure don’t look like we do. Allowing God to unravel us will ToilerPaper-Miloreveal the layers beneath the surface that haven’t been touched, that he’s been protecting. It doesn’t happen right away, but in time the true self that God created us to be is revealed.

We can attempt to fix our shreds, hiding who we are, but there’s nothing that is hidden from God and no place to go where He is not already there. We put a mask on our faces to cover the shreds so they’re not visible for the world to see, putting on a good front, pretending we’re something that we’re not. However, He sees us for who we truly are on the inside and not just the shreds on the surface… and He loves us anyway.

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    • I’m glad you were encouraged by this post, that in itself has encouraged me… It’s true what they say, we all need each other. God bless you, I’m praying for you through this season.

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