Redemption Has Its Price

Psalm 49:8-9 — Redemption does not come so easily, for no one can ever pay enough to live forever and never see the grave.

Redemption has its priceThe problem  is that you don’t always see your sin. You’re blind to it and think that you’re a good enough person. However, you cannot redeem yourself, it’s not possible. You cannot ever do enough or pay enough. There is absolutely nothing that you yourself can do to gain eternal life. There is not a sin-eater or a scapegoat.

There is only one way to God and that is through Me. Accept Me as  your Savior and I will wipe away all your tears and forgive you of your sins. I conquered death to give you life. I am the Messiah spoken of and foretold about in the Old Testament. I have fulfilled every requirement in the old law and became the redeeming lamb that took on your sins. I bore not only yours, but also the worlds.

Witnesses saw Me after the resurrection… and not just a few, but thousands. In a court of law you can be sentences by having just two witnesses, but I showed myself to thousands. Why then is is so difficult for you to believe? Do you think they would all lie for a hoax that would eventually be figured out? And, what about those who died for my sake? Would they endure that pain for no reason? Certainly not!

I am exactly who I said I am… the Son of God. Believe in Me today and wait no longer. I have so much I want to talk with you about and I desire your fellowship. Come toward Me and reach out your hand, I want to pull to toward Me and embrace you forever.

Who do you say that I am?