Love Like I Do

Mark 8:21 — “How is it you do not understand?”

God is loveI put people in your life that will stretch you. I need you to grow deeper in Me for Me to use your more fully. You see Me but you still don’t get it. I love you and I love that person who annoys you. I created them just like I created you. They are different, but that doesn’t mean My love is any different for them than it is for you. You see My ways and know Me. You read My Word and study but you still don’t understand. Continue asking for My wisdom and for your eyes to be opened. Don’t shy away from speaking My truth, it takes time to reach some. Their heart may be hindered by things that you don’t know about, but I do. I love them and you need to learn to love like I do. I will keep putting similar people in your life until you learn this lesson. Love the irritating, love the unlovable, love your neighbor… just continue to show love and kindness. Let Me do the rest.