Your Mind is a Powerful Gift

Your Mind is a Powerful Gift

Romans 8:6 — The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;

Your mind is a powerful gift that I have given you. You must be extremely cautious with how you choose to use it. If you allow your thoughts to go wayward they can cause you to sin against Me… your mind can even convince yourself that it’s not wrong. That still small voice you hear correcting you, is Me. Listen to Me. If you keep ignoring My pleas you will eventually bring yourself to the place where you no longer even hear Me. Learn to tell the difference and recognize My voice. If you go too long you’ll start to justify your own actions completely apart from Me. This is no place for a child of mine.

At the first signs of your mind wandering… call out My name. I will be there for you. Don’t hesitate and don’t delay because that is exactly what the Father of Lies wants, he’s waiting for you … and you cannot give him a foothold.

Just one simple wayward thought today may become a bigger wayward thought tomorrow. Then all of a sudden, maybe you act on this thought and  what was once sin in your mind has now become the full-grown act of sin in your life. And it all began with just one thought.

This is why you must guard your mind and heart… and why you must allow My Spirit to help you each moment of the day. I will give you life and peace, I am with you, ready and waiting at a moments notice. Just call on Me.