I Called and You Ran

Milo at screen doorI called Milo to come in from the backyard the other day because it was time for me to finish getting ready for work. So he came running up to the screen door and when I unlatched it to let him in, he bolted, running away. This obviously was the last thing I needed. I called him again, and again he came trotting over. And, once again, I unlatched the door only for him to run further away this time.

The next time, I called him and he just looked at me and didn’t budge at all. I’m thinking to myself “you have got to be kidding.” I decided I needed to change tactics this time around.  So, I said to him, “I don’t have time for this, have it your way,” and I headed back towards the doors and into the house. No sooner do I get into the house when he starts his crying and scratching at the screen door. Now I know that he’s truly ready to come in.

Funny, it took my beagle to teach me one of God’s basic lessons. I too am guilty. I have been just like Milo, I’ve heard God’s call and the whisper of my name only to walk away from the voice that would lead me and love me. I hear Him again and I come running, but I’m not ready just yet and I go further off this time. The next time I hear and see the door finally closing on me for good, fear takes hold and cries of anguish fill the atmosphere. I’m fearful I’ll be left on the wrong side of the door unable to enter the one place where I’m loved unconditionally, where I’m fed, have shelter and companionship.

Wow! I am truly humbled, because I see me through Milo in how I have treated and reacted to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Thank you Jesus, for opening my eyes, forgiving me and loving me for who I am. I truly need it each and every day.