What Influences You?

We moved… it’s been a couple of months now, but it was time to get a house so we could have a yard for Milo to run and a place to be able to put in a basketball hoop for Seth. God has truly blessed us, but it’s also a big responsibility to take care of. I find myself trimming and pruning bushes, mending fences, sweeping leaves… you know, all of the “fun” stuff. Anyway, now we have a screened in patio and this is new to Milo. He absolutely loves the yard… he flies from one side to the other, his long beagle ears flopping in the wind… it’s a site to see… F R E E D O M. Unfortunately, he has become fascinated with the gecko’s that are all over Florida, especially around our patio area. I was thankful that they were quicker than him… notice I used “was and were”, apparently given enough time Milo has learned to adapt to their behavior, how they react and their typical movements. This has enabled him to catch them at times and play with them. It reminds me of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men… it’s pitiful and I have to attempt to get rid of the gecko’s when they can no longer help themselves.We cannot have one foot in the Spirit and one foot in the world. It doesn't work that way.

It’s the same with us when we make the choice to hang around the wrong people… we can be adapting to their ways before we even realize it. We cannot have one foot in the Spirit and one foot in the world. It doesn’t work that way. Jesus has called us out of this world. What happens a lot of the time, instead of us being the example for others to follow, we allow them to influence us. This is alarming, we have to be careful that we don’t conform to their ways which may not be what God wants for us, or it could totally be sin to us. We are influenced and shaped by what we love the most and who we hang around. We need to always remember that whatever weakens our reasoning, impairs our conscience, obscures our sense of God or removes our desire for Spiritual things… this is sin to us.

Pray for your relationships to make sure that you’re in ones that God is in the midst of. If not, seek Him first, it may be time to separate yourself from that relationship so you don’t separate yourself from God.