Do We Justify Bad Behavior?

Looks can be deceivingGod always seems to show me different insights through Milo. Today is no different. Milo is always getting attention when we’re out on our walks and everyone thinks he’s so cute… but they just don’t know him. Don’t get me wrong, Milo can be so good, cute and lovable… a perfect angel. He loves cuddling, when he wants to… but if he gets in a mood, well, forget about it. It’s more like mayhem Milo. From the toilet paper roll off and running to the towels yanked off their rack or off of the counter and found spewed all over the house. His own built in doggy doors on the screened in patio, to opening doors when you think your having a quiet private moment. And, yes, you read correctly, he has learned how to open the handle type doors… he jumps up, pulls down on the handle and pushed the door open. We did not pick a dumb mutt by any means. The latest escapade… he has learned to open the bottom kitchen cabinet. He’s not interested in just any particular cabinet, but the one that he knows contains his food and snacks. One day he figured it out, nudged it open with his snoot and stuck his head in. He found the big box of his peanut butter flavored biscuits and proceeded to eat half the box. This was the first time ever that we saw him stop eating and not wanting more. I was surprised when I came home and learned what had happened that the entire box was not gone. Needless to say I had to install a child safety latch on that cabinet for my dog.

Let’s not forget about the moments in the day when he feels he’s not getting enough attention, which can be at any given moment in time. He might just walk up to you and start barking or he’ll pull up the corner of the area rug and try to tear up the under padding… he’ll stop and just look at you. He wants some attention, no matter what it is… normally I end up chasing after him, anything that puts the focus on him. In these moments my mom has penned him “devil dog”, I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I totally understand where she’s coming from.

We each have this tendency in us. Hopefully not to the extent of Milo, but similar attributes nonetheless. It’s not even that we put a mask on when we’re in public… we are that person, but we’re also the person that’s different behind closed doors where we think it’s safe and no one can see us as we truly are. However, there is no place where we can go, no distance where we can run where we are truly alone, for God is there. No matter how many doors we close and lock, how many lights we dim and turn off, there is no place to go where He is not, no hidden thoughts or desires that He doesn’t already know.

Like Milo we allow sudden urges to take over instead of taking them to God in prayer. We lash out at our loved ones because they’re not doing something we think they should do, or they didn’t take care of something like they promised they would. So we yell and raise our voices, say words that we can’t take back… and then we’re sorry when it’s all over and it’s too late… the damage is already done.

So we know we’re tired and after a while we ask for God’s forgiveness and then the forgiveness of our loved one. But the damage is already done and this is a memory that they’ll have for awhile. In our selfishness we hurt someone else… sometimes it’s even ourselves we hurt. We take in too much of this world with our eyes and ears and don’t give God enough time to renew us and for us to actually learn to know who He is and to recognize Him.

We work and don’t rest… then we become useless to everyone including ourselves. It’s time for change, to step up, take responsibility and recognize these attributes so we can stop before we hurt ourselves or someone else again. It’s a journey and each day is a choice, a step closer, if we choose to step in the right direction… the direction that God is leading us.