I Hear You

I am never distracted, always know that I hear you...

Micah 7:7 — But as for Me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; My God will hear me.

I always hear each and every word you speak, even when you are so distraught and nothing audible is able to come out… My Spirit knows. Continue to come to Me, no matter what your concerns are. Remember though, I am your friend and companion and also your Father. You need to approach Me in a manner pleasing and fitting to Me. I am the Almighty God, so praise Me and thank Me for all that I do for you each day. Then your heart will be open to Me and mine will be open to you. You should understand this well, every parent should. You get annoyed and bothered when your child is only nice or approaches you only when they want something or need money. You also desire fellowship and communication with them when they want nothing in return, just as I do, when they show you that they genuinely care… it’s during these times where you are softened toward them because they’ve approached you in a fitting manner such as this. So learn My ways… I want to teach you and give you understanding… know that I hear you, wait on Me in faith and hope.