Life’s Curve Balls

Life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it... but when time has passed, you can definitely see that God's hand was there through it all.

It’s interesting how life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. You certainly don’t understand when you’re in the thick of things, but when time has passed, you can definitely see that God’s hand was there through it all.

A couple of years ago I had a different job, not at all related to what I’m doing now. I felt I would stay in that position until Seth graduated High School, in fact, I even made the comment to myself, that God would have to hit me over the head with a 2 by 4 in order for me to leave. Well, I all of a sudden found out that particular January that my contract wouldn’t be renewed and my position would end that last business day of May. So I had some time to figure things out and find a new position.

Let me backtrack a month or so to that previous November/December. My Sunday school class started a new series on Extravagant Giving or Living, something like that. While participating in this study, I felt very convicted regarding my giving. I’m a single parent and gave what I could, but I didn’t feel that I could afford to give God the ten percent that He asks of us, our tithe. I didn’t earn enough money to do a lot of things and tithing was on the list. In fact, I took on a second job in order to save money for Seth to be able to go on his 8th grade class trip to Washington, D.C., but even with this second job we were living paycheck to paycheck.

That December I made a conscience decision starting with my first paycheck in January… that I would give God the ten percent that He asks of us. After all, I have nothing that He hasn’t given to me. Within a week of my first tithe in January, I received the news that after nine years of being employed by this organization they wouldn’t be renewing my contract. It’s interesting, this didn’t come as a complete surprise to me, it’s hard to explain though… God has a way of forewarning us that something’s coming or happening through His Spirit. So, I felt that something was up and was okay with the news. After the initial shock wore off a little I found that I was hurt, but not for myself, for Seth, because things would have to change for him and he wouldn’t be attending the same school that he had been in since kindergarten.

I knew deep in my soul that God had different plans for the both of us and we just had to trust Him to work out all of the details. Money suddenly became a bigger concern for me. I knew I had to tighten our budget and start saving… preparing, just in case. I chose not to break my promise to God and I kept giving Him my tithe. Two weeks after hearing the dreaded news, I found out that my air conditioner wasn’t working. We live in Florida, this is a HUGE problem, especially having a 2-story townhouse. It can get quite warm, very quickly. So, the air conditioner was running, however, the house never cooled down. So this was repaired rather quickly. After another two weeks, I realized my toilet kept running and never shutting off. I tried a few things, but couldn’t get it to stop, so that needed outside help as well. Another two weeks (starting to see a pattern here?) and my tire kept having low air pressure, so I finally took it in to get looked at and came to find out that I had nails in them and they were irreparable, so I needed to buy two new tires. Two more weeks went by and the air conditioner acted up again, it kept blowing H-O-T air no matter what I did. So I had to shut it off because it was hotter in the house than it was outside. I adjusted the thermostat in order for it to turn off automatically, but that didn’t work, it kept running. This put me at a loss. I then decided to turn the power switch off at the handler unit inside the house. To my amazement the unit still kept running… I wondered how this was even possible, it was plain crazy! Once again the repairman had to come out to fix it.

So much for preparing and saving… it ended up being one problem after another and it kept eating away at any money we would have been able to put aside. It seemed unending all that could happen. However, through all of this, I had a heightened sense of God. I just knew that He would take care of us and that there was nothing for me to worry or be anxious about. Instead, I just continued giving what He asked of me and of all of us.

One day I received an unexpected check in the mail from my homeowner’s insurance company. I knew this was a mistake, so I called the company to tell them about it, because I didn’t want to be short at the end of the year. They assured me that it was no mistake and that I needed to keep the check. Thank you Lord, that covered my tires and a bit more.

During all of this time, I consistently prayed one particular prayer… that God would have the position He wanted me to have and that I would have this position solidified by the time my contract ended, and of course that He would take care of Seth through all of this.

That March I decided to resign from my second position (this position was part of the same organization) so that I could put more effort into finding the job that God had for me. On a Friday, I sent an email to my supervisor (who is also my friend), resigning my position. Within thirty minutes I received a phone call from the person who is second in command of the entire organization, the same person who decided not to renew my contract. He all of a sudden wanted to talk and work things out and make arrangements for me to stay etc… He asked to meet on Monday, just after the weekend to discuss everything. When I hung up from this conversation I immediately called my friend, whom I sent my resignation email to, and asked who my email was sent to. I was told that it was sent directly to the main person in charge of the whole organization. This was because I worked directly with him in that secondary position I took on. This turn of events caused me to think that perhaps the CEO was unaware that number two didn’t renew my contract.

It was an interesting turn of events… but I also knew that God didn’t start this “something” for just any reason. Monday came and went without any contact from number two. At the end of the day on Tuesday I decided to take the initiative and ask if number two still intended on meeting with me. He gave me the usual of how busy he was and then set up an actual appointment for Thursday. When I arrived Thursday for our meeting, I was informed that the position he originally thought he had for me was filled on Monday (this was my current position). He did have an alternate position that he could offer me, but it was something that I knew God didn’t intend for me. At this point in time, I asked a few questions about the position and informed him that I needed to pray about it.

I later learned that my current position was offered to a friend of mine. In fact, this person actually told him they didn’t feel they could do the position and that they weren’t qualified or led to take it. They were told that they would be fine and not to worry about it. This friend told me they felt extremely guilty because they felt they took away my position. At this point I knew that God was up to something. Number two obviously didn’t want me around anymore, to the point that it caused havoc with other people. I later informed him that I would not be accepting this other position that he had offered me, informing him that he and I both knew that this particular position was not what God wanted for me. At this point I feel that he offered me a position he knew I wouldn’t take, but by doing so, it also fulfilled the obligation that he had to the CEO… there were just too many coincidences for this not to be the case. Other friends told me I was crazy for not accepting the offered position, that I should just take any position so that I had a job, something is better than nothing, but I just couldn’t do it…. deep in my heart I knew God had other plans.

As it turned out, the friend who was taking my current position ended up leaving the organization as well, they did not feel comfortable with the way everything played out, not to mention they didn’t feel led to the position. So, what I felt to be a scheme, ended up costing two employees.

I can’t explain my feelings, but I just knew God would take care of everything and I continued praying every day. I gave a resume to a friend of mine, who in turn gave it to her mother who worked for a city government since I had this background as well. I also found a Christian company on my church’s website that had an opening that interested me, so I applied there. This was the extent of my job search. It definitely didn’t amount up to much.

I ended up interviewing at both organizations and did surprisingly well, since it had been over nine years from my last interview. The Christian organization required some testing, in fact, several tests. After completing the first “set” of tests, they asked me to complete a different battery of tests. They kept testing me for several different positions, four or five in fact. The process seemed endless and I finally asked if I could go back and be considered for just one specific position, which finally ended the process.

Remember my daily prayer? That I would have the position God wanted for me by the time my contract ended… Well, the first Monday of June, which I believe was June 2nd, I received a phone call offering me the position at the Christian organization. God answered my prayer right down to the specific day. He is amazing and faithful!

And, I can say as Joseph did in:

Genesis 50:20
“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done…”

Hindsight is always 20/20. But, we always wish that we have clear vision, God’s vision, from the beginning… but there’s no trust or faith in that.