In the Wilderness is Where You Grow

We go through different periods or seasons in life and they help to shape and mold us into the individual that God wants us to be--the one whom He can use for His purpose.No one wants or hopes for problems and issues to come into their life, but things always seem to happen. We go through different periods or seasons in life and they help to shape and mold us into the individual that God wants us to be–the one whom He can use for His purpose.

My season shifted several weeks ago. Some seasons are just not very pleasant when you’re in the midst of them, unaware of what’s really going on. The beginning was difficult to say the least. I thought things were going well and progressing, then all of a sudden they changed for no apparent reason. I was told to be patient, that was the word God gave to me. To be patient even in the unknown. This wasn’t at all easy, and it consumed my thoughts. I have come to realize that patience is obviously something that I need to work on, and that God’s timing can be completely different from the “now” that we desire.

Within a couple of weeks I was given another word… trust. God wants me to trust what He had previously spoken to me. A few days after this particular word, I was informed that Seth was not going to be renewed for his homeschool program that was through a Christian school. TRUST became more meaningful as so many questions continued to go unanswered. TRUST. It’s hard when things are happening and you don’t understand the world around you any longer and you have no idea where God is taking all of this. I was asked to have patience and to trust… that’s all I need in order to take the next step forward.

A few more days later, the low pressure gauge lit up in my car. So I ran by the tire store so they could fill up my tires with air. I was hoping that would solve the problem. However, the very next morning the light was on when I started up my car. So I scheduled an appointment, knowing that I had an issue. Another nail and that could not be plugged and two new tires later, an easy couple hundred dollars, and I was on my way. Interesting though, I seem to have tire issues at certain seasons in my life as well. These were tires number five and six, within three years, something is not quite right.

I have learned not to ask what else can go wrong, because inevitably something would. So… patience and trust… and a mind that is relentlessly overthinking and overanalyzing everything.

The following week my pastor had his first concert with his new band, a 6-piece A Capella group … Levitical Rise ( It was unlike other concerts that I had attended. The concert was mixed with messages and was just very impactful. He brought up about the wilderness season and that’s when I figured it out… that I was in a wilderness season. He said that while in the wilderness we are to trust and believe (another word for me… believe) in order to get to the promised land. During the wilderness trek we are to grow and learn–to see what God is wanting to show us and to do some of those things that we actually had put-off doing. We have to change our focus off of ourselves and put our energy into becoming that person that God is shaping and molding. We need these times, experiences and seasons whether we like them or not, because of the end result–who we will be once we have been through the refining fire.

I am still working my way through the wilderness, however, I am no longer wandering aimlessly, being all consumed in my thoughts. I have direction and know what I need to be working on–and I will learn patience along with trusting and believing what God has spoken to me… and I will persevere, because the end result–the promised land, is a blessing I am looking forward to and don’t want to miss.