The Mountaintop Experience

"... Jesus took... them up on a high mountain apart by themselves..." ~Mark 9:2

Mark 9:2
“… Jesus took… them up on a high mountain apart by themselves…”

I give you mountaintop experiences so you can truly see Me. These times empower you, they strengthen you and they give you vision to see clearly. I know you would prefer to stay here, but you can’t… the experience is meant for you to use and to step into faith and share with others. It’s an inspiration and motivation helping you to fearlessly move forward into My plan and purpose for you. You must come down into the everyday of life and use what you have learned. It is a cycle and you will end up in a valley again at some point and you’ll need to recall this mountain experience to help see you through. So, be set apart and prepare yourself for what lays ahead, come and know Me and see My perspective from on high.