Do You Believe I Am Able?

... "Do you believe that I am able to do this?"... ~Matthew 9:28

Matthew 9:28
… “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”…

Why do you allow the doubts to enter your thoughts when you have seen My truths firsthand? You have seen My hand on your life and you have been part of answered prayers, so then why do these thoughts present themselves? I understand you better than you know and understand yourself. As My child, you are worthy. Accept that I want good things for you and that I want to bless you. It’s not for someone else, but for you. Don’t allow the negative thinking that says it’s okay, or I guess that’s just for others. Stand tall and realize it’s just as much for you as for anyone else. Trust and believe that I am able to do anything I desire for you. I am limitless and I am creative in My ways. Grow and strengthen your faith. I am able, now believe that I am also willing and accept Me and all that I want to do for you. Cleanse your mind and doubt no more.