Reflect Me

2 Peter 1:10

2 Peter 1:10
Therefore,  believers, be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choosing you [be sure that your behavior reflects and confirms your relationship with God]; for by doing these things [actively developing these virtues], you will never stumble [in your spiritual growth and will live a life that leads others away from sin];

Daily you must choose Me. Hour by hour and minute by minute. Bringing Me to the forefront of your mind will help to keep you inline with My will and plan for you. The world is calling you from every direction and side, trying and pleading for your attention. You have to make a concerted effort to put Me first and to think on Me. When you do, I can help you diffuse situations and give you the right focus and perspective. You need this… When your mind is on Me your behavior and actions will be aligned with My purpose and you will be less inclined to stumble because you will desire to please Me. Make the choice to think on Me when your thoughts seem to wander and I will quickly bring you back. Don’t brush Me off, but be attentive and willing to obey what I ask of you. By doing these things I will help to keep you from stumbling and you will continue to grow into the person that is usable to Me, one that will make a difference to others.

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