Let Me Guide Your Words


Proverbs 20:25
It is a trap for a man to [speak a vow of consecration and] say rashly, “It is holy!” And [not until] afterward consider [whether he can fulfill it].

It is extremely important to stay in constant communion with Me. When you stay in this fellowship with Me, I will help guide you in your words and actions and you will stay within My will for your life. Anywhere outside of this will cause you to feel distant and can cause you to say and get involved in things that I don’t want you to do. You may think it’s good because you are ministering to others, but you must realize that My plan for you may be different. If you step where you are not supposed to be, it causes someone else to question My will for them, because you are where they are meant to be. Seek Me and I will guide and lead you and don’t speak outside of what I ask of you. It will take you to places I never intended for you and I want you to be in My overwhelming presence.