Focus Your Heart on Me

keep stepping forward with Me, one step at a time - Mark 4:22

Mark 4:22
For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been kept secret, but that it would come to light [that is, things are hidden only temporary, until the appropriate time comes for them to be known.]

Focus your heart on Me. I know it’s difficult when your mind wants to take you all over the place. I understand your pain and your questions of why and how long… have faith and keep trusting in Me, things aren’t always as they seem. Nothing has been kept secret from you, however, I put off revealing them until you are ready to hear and your eyes are ready to see. You don’t need to know everything right away, all you need to know is to keep stepping forward with Me, one step at a time. Prepare yourself to be ready at any moment, you never know who I may have cross your path and each person is an opportunity to show My love to a world that is hurting.

I will give you glimpses of what is to come, this will give you hope and anticipation, but you need to quiet yourself to hear Me. This is all in preparation for who you are to become. If you see too much now it would overwhelm you… this is why things are hidden until a more appropriate time… for when you are ready to walk with Me into your destiny.