About This Site

Jesus would leave the ninety-nine to save the one.

Each video represents Jesus’s heart for someone you know… maybe it’s you, or a family member or friend. Share a video link with those you feel will benefit by the message. This simple gesture can make a difference and impact in their life. It’s the easy way to evangelize and spread God’s Word. Just share and let God do the rest!

About Me

I am just an ordinary person like you. You wouldn’t recognize me if you walked by me on the street and I’m not one that’s ever going to stand out from a crowd. I’m an introvert, so it’s not easy for me to share my faith openly, I guess mainly because I fear what people will think. So I guess it’s more of a pride thing. I read this article (3 Fears That Will Shut Down Your Future) and it helped me to put things into perspective. Additionally, it was further confirmation that I was meant to get this site up and running. I’m trusting God along the way, trying to make a difference and I pray for your help by stepping in along side me.

Let’s live out loud for Christ, making a difference together!

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