Letters From Jesus

Send a letter from Jesus (video link) to someone who needs to learn about God or one of the specific messages that may touch their heart. Jesus knows each one of us by name and each letter will remind you of someone who you need to reach out to. Just send out the link, planting the seed and let God do the rest. He goes before us and sets the path. Be the vessel, planting the seed, allowing Him to make a difference in their life.

We’ll be working on new Jesus Letters all the time. Do you have an idea that you want to touch on, a specific person in mind? They won’t be the only one that it will touch… it will benefit many others as well, share your heart with us, so we can share it with others.



  1. Seth: bystander (coming soon)

One response to “Letters From Jesus

  1. I am blessed by theses inspiring words, they are as if it was done for me. I have shared it with others and they too ate of the same opinion. I don’t seem to find any current messages. I pray that the author is ok.


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